Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 3: Adventure in St. Paul

Day 3: First stop, The Minnesota History Center.

I say give me a fun photo and the family complies. They're very good sports!

Unfortunately there was a large exhibit under construction at the History Center which was therefore closed, but we did get the bonus of a flower show! Yay!

The open exhibits at the History Center were Minnesota's weather,(we're pretty familiar) the Us-Dakota War,(very informative and sad) 1934: A New Deal for Artists,(wonderful art display, no photos allowed -sigh-) and The Greatest Generation; the depression, the war, the boom.

The girls practically ran to check out the soda fountain display.

Mom, what's a pay phone and look at this weird spinning thing!

And finally there was the If These Walls Could Talk exhibit, a history of one house and it's many different owners through the years. 

The Minnesota History Center is worth checking out!

Second stop, the Cathedral of Saint Paul.

I cannot believe I have lived in Minnesota all my life and I've never visited the Cathedral!


There was so much to wonder at.

I'm so glad we took the time to visit the Cathedral of Saint Paul. We were a little concerned that the girls would not be too interested in the tour, but they were great! It may have helped that our tour guide made mention right away that we would all get to see the amazing Lego replica of the Cathedral at the end of the tour!

How cool is that??

To prevent this post from becoming too long, I'll tell you about our stop at Mickey's Diner, for lunch, another time.

Day 3 was very good!


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