Friday, July 13, 2012

Gotta Love A Good Fixer-upper

I had a tiny, little, wobbly table nestled between the two chairs on my porch. It needed something under it's one short leg to try to stabilize it, (we used a chunk of mulch) and the top of it barely had enough room to safely set two glasses of lemonade, (love sipping lemonade while sitting on the porch) forget about setting a book or magazine on it when you wanted to sit on the porch and read. It just wasn't a very useful table!

For some time now I've wanted to find something to replace it, but I didn't want to spend very much.

Hmmm, what to do?

Hello garage sales!

Look what I found for $2.00! Whoop!!

"I want my two dollars!!" Ever since the movie Better Off Dead I can't say two dollars without hearing that line in my head. Then of course I have to say it out loud. Then anyone who is not familiar with the movie thinks I'm crazy. I still have to say several more times. I can't stop. Ahhh!

"I want my two dollars!!"

OK, I'm done now.

As I was saying, I found this cart was really cheap! A little rusty, but it was was really cheap.

The Husband, being the great guy that he is, took it apart for me.

He gave it a good scrubbing with some steel wool.

Then he gave it a couple coats of "Grape" Rust-oleum!

"Grape" felt like a bit of a risk, but the cart was only $2.00 ("I want my two dollars!") eh we were willing to go for it, and it could repainted if need be.

However, I think "grape" was a perfect choice!!

Not bad for a $2.00 cart is it? ("I want my two dollars!") Sorry! 

However, to be fair, the cart cost...well you already know what the cart cost, the steel wool was about $3.00 for a large bag of it, we'll use the rest of the steel wool for other projects. The "grape" Rust-oleum was just under $4.00. And we purchased new casters for it for about $5.00. All total we spent about $14.00 to turn that rusty old cart into a fabulous new table for the porch.

Gotta love a good fixer-upper!


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