Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 5: A Day To Enjoy The View

You may, or may not, have noticed that I skipped talking about day 4 of our staycation adventures. That's because on day 4, which would have been Wednesday, we were a little worn out. We didn't feel like doing much. So we got moving at a leisurely pace in the morning, decided to wander around the Ikea store awhile before grabbing some of their delicious Swedish meatballs for lunch, (it's very probable that the meatballs were the only reason we went to Ikea that day) then we returned home to veg. We just wanted to relax a spell. That sums up day 4. -yawn-

So onto day 5!

Day 5 was a visit to Minneapolis, beginning with a self guided tour of the Guthrie Theater.

I have no explantation as to why we have yet to see a show at the Guthrie! The husband and I have talked about seeing a show, but we just haven't done it. We've heard that the theater is gorgeous though and figured we should at least walk through and take a gander.

It really is quite spectacular!

The Guthrie has a lot to offer beyond a variety of great shows; event hosting, summer camps for youth, acting classes, as well as a cafe and a restaurant.

And then there are the views.

From inside. 

I'm not a big fan of the amber colored windows, but the view was excellent!

I'm not a fan of the glass floor either. Yep, that would be my lovely children, standing on the glass floor while mocking me and my fear of standing on the glass floor. Gotta love em. -snort-

From outside. 

Beautiful views of the Mississippi river.

Like I said, spectacular!

From the Guthrie we strolled down to the river, to the Mill Ruins Park, then we walked across the Stone Arch bridge.

More wonderful views.

Then, because we hadn't been amazed enough, we headed to the top of the Foshay Tower, which at one time had the boast of being the tallest building in Minneapolis. Not so much any more. Still great views though! 

And while I may not have been willing to stand on the glass floor at the Guthrie, I did make it to the observation deck of the Foshay! 

Look! There's the proof! Me and the girls. 

It was very windy!!

I was very grateful there was a cage all the way around us. If there hadn't been, I would have high tailed it back inside before I got a single photo!

Your assumption that I don't like heights is entirely correct.

Since there is no other way to enjoy views like these, I'm trying to get over it.

And I really did enjoy the views! The Family did too.

I was so impressed with our girls. The Husband and I knew that this particular day might be a little boring for them, but they were troopers. They didn't complain and they actually seemed to enjoy themselves. 

The rest, as well as the Swedish meatballs, on day 4 made day 5 with it's tons of walking to see spectacular views of the city, enjoyable for all! Maybe the stop for sour gummy worms didn't hurt either!


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