Monday, February 6, 2012

Pickin' a Winner

The Family gets very excited for the Super Bowl. Which is weird. We don't particularly care about commercials the rest of the year. (I should say the girls and I don't care about them. The Husband on the other hand works in advertising. He cares!) But we do look forward to the promise of an extra effort to roll out some spectacular advertising during the Super Bowl. And there's a football game in between all of the commercials which can be fun too.

However, as we are not huge football fans, we've only watched a couple of games this year, and we knew nothing about the teams playing in the Super Bowl, we had no idea who to cheer for. The Super Bowl is a lot more fun if you have a team to route for. But how to decide?

The Family came up with some very elaborate ideas for determining a team we'd support. 

One idea for choosing a team involved a squirrel in a Patriots costume, a squirrel in a Giants costume, and an American eagle. I had no clue where we would find the tiny costumes on such short notice! That idea was rejected.

With the squirrel idea out, we decided to seek the guidance of someone we trusted.

That's right, we let Lilo choose for us!

At first she wasn't sure about our plan, then we told her there would be treats involved. She got on board immediately!

Initially we thought we should fill her in on all of the stats for the season. Then we realized that would take too much effort on our part. So we did the next best thing.

Look Lilo. The Giants or the Patriots?

Please disregard the cute pink lamp in the background. I swiped it from one of the girl's rooms so I could see the 1,000 piece puzzle I'm still working on a little better. Our living room is NOT that cute! Wouldn't you feel badly for the Husband if it was?


Lilo paid very close attention as Miss Sofi Bug showed her the options to choose from!

She was still a little unsure about this whole scheme. But she was a good sport! Especially when she saw the treats!

Miss Sofi Bug placed each option on the floor. Placed one treat on each and Lilo made her choice!

She didn't even hesitate!  

She chose the Giants! She didn't even go for the Patriots treat! She made her choice and that was that!

We gave her a few extra treats for being such a good sport!

So we cheered for the Giants between commercials!

Did you find the vampires bursting in the Audi's headlights commercial as funny as I did? Or the Doritos commercials? And  Honda's Ferris Bueller's Day Off commercial!? All very fun and clever!

There were a few companies who clearly relied on the idea that sex sells. Boo! That's all I have to say!

I understand that M&M's had a very good commercial too. I missed it. I must have been making the chicken wings at the time.

Oh they were good! The chicken wings!

About mid-game Lilo began to worry about her pick.

She couldn't even watch the game.

We assured her we would love her no matter what, we were behind her all the way...or behind the Giants all the way, no matter how bad it was looking for them!

Then it happened. In the last few minutes, the Giants won! Good call Lilo! Woohoo!!

She said, "Yeaaah, I never doubted the Giants for a second!"

That's her story and she's stickin' to it!


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