Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let the Crazy Begin

My eldest. My Sofi Bug. I love this photo of her! She looks so very grown-up. I hate that she's already so very grown-up! (sniff)

She's participating in the school's production of Mulan this weekend. It's all so very exciting! I can't wait to see her and her classmates perform!

She has always been one for the dramatics!

It's one of the things I love about her!

But as exciting as it is, it's going to make for a CRAZY schedule for the next five days, with little time to catch our breath!

Miss Sofia has a late practice tonight, a later practice Thursday night, for which a bunch of us parents will be bringing in dinner for all of our busy actors. She'll have her first performance Friday Morning as well as a Friday evening performance, I get to help hair and makeup! Fun! There is another performance Saturday evening. The Family, with Grandparents in tow, including Great Grandma, will get to watch Saturday's performance. I will try to refrain from screaming, "Woohoo Miss Sofi Bug! You're awesome!" And finally she has an afternoon performance on Sunday, after which all performers and some parents will be needed to help take down the set. The Husband will be helping. He's the best! When all the clean up is done, the performers will be celebrating their efforts with a party. I get to help supervise.

I've been asked to be on my best behavior at the party. In other words, "Don't embarrass me Mom!"

I made no promises. Well, I did say I would refrain from singing out loud in front of her friends...but that's all...I didn't promise anything else. 

I'll be good. 


And somehow Miss Sofia is going to have to find time to get her homework done in the midst of this crazy schedule. Poor girl! She's feeling a little overwhelmed. I tell her one day at a time. It will be fine!

Then, on Monday, if the girl has any energy left, we'll take her out for dinner to celebrate her 14th (sniff) birthday. My baby...14...already?

One day at a time, right. It will be fine. (sniff)


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