Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Don't Ski

The Husband and I do not ski. No we do not. Not that there is anything wrong with skiing. I'm sure it's a fine sport. Sorry that's a lie. Careening down a snowy hill while standing on two thin planks of wood, hoping one can stop before slamming into someone or something does not seem like a fine sport to me! Therefore the girls do not ski. 

The girls have each gotten to try skiing once though. Not because the Husband and I decided to take them so they could grow up with a well rounded variety of experiences. No siree! Because it's one of their 5th grade field trips.

Miss Emma Bean's class went skiing yesterday.

She was nervous and excited while getting her boots on.

All of the students began their skiing adventure with some basic instruction.

These are skis!

This is how you get your skis on.

So far so good! Thrilled with her progress Miss Emma Bean broke into a little dance!

Oh yeah I can do this! Uh huh I got my skis on! That's when it dawned on her, "We have to get all the way over there!??"

She was doing a great job as she finally proceeded to ski down the bunny hill.

She was feeling cool and confident. 

However stopping and turning proved to be a little tricky. Whoops! 

Miss Emma Bean got a little coaching from my very good friend Amy, who also has a 5th grader. Amy and I were there because we were chaperoning the field trip. She was ski chaperoning. I was photo taking chaperoning. I don't ski.

I was very grateful Amy was there to give Miss Emma Bean some tips. Amy is a good friend like that! She loves my kids like her own. I love her kids like my own. I love her for loving my kids!

It took the better part of the day, but Miss Emma Bean finally got the knack of turning and stopping!

And there it is folks! The photo that made the whole day!!

I still don't ski.


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