Monday, February 13, 2012

The Deal We Made

The Husband and I made a deal with our girls.

Wait until 14 years old to wear makeup and I would take them to the salon for a makeup lesson, and their first makeup application.

Some of you are thinking we are way too conservative making our children wait until 14 when some girls begin to wear makeup at the age of 10. And some of you are probably thinking we are not conservative enough, we should make our girls wait even longer. But the Husband and I discussed the matter quite a bit, and decided 14 would be a good age for our girls.

We believe that having our girls wait until 14 will allow us time to have some really good conversations about what beauty really is. We can address the lies about the unattainable and unreal images of beauty that the media put before us each day. We believe...hope that by the age of 14 the girls will be more able to understand, and have witnessed that lasting beauty is about more than what can be seen on the outside. That lasting beauty is about hands that reach out in love to help those in need. It's eyes that are windows into a soul full of love and compassion. It's about showing God's mercy and grace to others.This is the message we hope to impart to our girls before they begin to invest time and energy into just their outward appearances.

Now don't get me wrong! I have nothing against makeup. I like it. I suspect most women do. What female doesn't get a thrill from trying a new eyeshadow or lipstick? I also think there is the sense of moving into womanhood when a girl begins to wear makeup. It's a little like a right of passage for many of us.

Guess who turns 14 today!!

Miss Sofi Bug!!!

As promised, I made an appointment for her to get her makeup done on Saturday. We decided to make a morning of it and stopped for Starbucks first.

We sipped our Starbucks and chatted. It was wonderful! I decided it couldn't hurt to take one more opportunity to touch on the subject of inner beauty. I really think she heard me. Or she really only heard...Wah wawh. Wah wawh wah wawh.


At least we've had the conversations and though what I'm trying to tell her may not have completely settled on her yet, it's floating around in there with all of her other thoughts. And it kept me from totally freaking out that my little girl is practically a makeup wearing woman!!! What??

Though she was very excited to have her makeup done by a professional, she was very nervous, and a little red around the eyes after an eyebrow waxing. Ouch!

The makeup artist explained how to use the different makeup brushes.

She chose some great eyeshadow colors for Miss Sofi Bug and explained how to apply them.

She talked about eyeliner and the different ways to apply it.

The makeup artist may have talked a little too much about the makeup mistakes some women make, which I could tell had Miss Sofi Bug getting very nervous that she would be the one to make all of those mistakes when she tried to apply the makeup herself. I just smiled and mouthed, "You will do fine!"

A little blush was added.

A touch of mascara.

A hint of lip color...

Before. Lovely!


She took my breath away!

Thank you to Kecia, the makeup artist, who did a wonderful job applying Miss Sofia's makeup. 

Right of passage taken. Miss Sofia has left off being a child. She is clearly a beautiful young woman, inside and out.

I held it together. I did not cry! Even though that salon took and kept my baby then sent me home with a young woman. sniff

I drove home with a very different mindset about my girl. I was very aware of how much closer she is to adulthood. And though I've loved my relationships with my little girls, the relationships with my nearing adulthood girls is even more wonderful!

However, I'll admit I was relieved later in the day when I realized some things haven't changed all that much.


Happy Birthday Miss Sofia!!


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