Monday, February 27, 2012

Let the Drawing Begin

Walls were prepped!

Painting commenced! Clearly someone in the other room found the whole process rather boring!

Waited 4 hours, applied second coat!

Waited 4 more hours until the next morning to apply a third coat. Probably not absolutely necessary, but definitely worth taking the time to do.

Done! Kind of. Painting was done! Waiting 3 days to condition and use the new chalkboard wall began...and was painful for the girls!!

Upon returning home from school the day I painted the final coat of chalkboard paint they were so excited to begin drawing! They both moaned audibly when I told them the instructions say to wait for 3 days before drawing on it. 

"Three days?" 

Patience young chalkboard drawers! Saturday you may draw!

Saturday we went to see Star Wars: Phantom Menace with a few of Miss Sofia's friends in tow for her belated birthday celebration as we had been so busy with the school play the weekend of her birthday.

She has been trying to figure out how to use the Jedi mind trick on me ever since.

"You want to give your daughter a second piece of birthday cake."

Yeah, it wasn't happening! Mother's are immune!

Now that the chalkboard wall was finally ready to be drawn on, and I had several eager drawers, I told Miss Emma Bean and Miss Sofia and Miss Sofia's friends they could draw on the wall as long as they would do the conditioning for me first!

They happily agreed!

The five girls made short work of conditioning the board. Lucky me!

Did you know you should condition a chalkboard before you use it?

Conditioning is just applying a layer of chalk to the board and then erasing it. It makes erasing easier. However, you can just use a damp sponge to wash away chalk marks that don't easily erase if you don't want to coat the entire wall.

With the chalk wall conditioned the girls began to have some fun!


Smarty pants!


Too funny!!

The chalkboard wall is a big hit!

Now that I'm in a painting mood it's time to choose a new color for the rest of the kitchen!


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