Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Can We Reschedule

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Did you do anything special with your sweetheart?

The Husband, who is wonderful beyond words in so many ways, planned to take the day off of work so we could spend Valentine's Day together.

For a little while it looked like our day together may not happen. Bummer! The Husband was not feeling well Monday night, a stomach virus. Yuck!! Fortunately he was doing better Tuesday morning!! Hurray!! We had a great time wandering through all of the fun shops in Stillwater Minnesota. I was a little disappointed that my very favorite shop, Rose Mille, was not open. Pooh!

Rose Mille is all crafty and eclectic.

It makes me happy! 

One of the Husband's wonderful qualities is that he will enter this store with me and wait very patiently as I look to my hearts content!! Yep, he's a good man!

Unfortunately by early afternoon he was not feeling well again. He's home sick today. Poor guy! This stomach virus has been going around. I don't know how he got it. He usually manages to avoid these things. There went our Valentine's evening.

And as a bonus, Miss Sofia returned home from school yesterday with a terrible cold. She was all stuffed up, headachy, and sneezy. Poor girl! She's home sick today too! I suspect that she was worn down from the hectic schedule of the last several weeks as she and her classmates were preparing for the production of Mulan they performed last weekend. It was fabulous!

Miss Sofia played the part of a cheongsam salesperson. What's a cheongsam you ask? It's the traditional chinese dress that Captain Shang and his soldiers used to disguise themselves so they could sneak into the palace unnoticed by the Huns.

She did a great job! 

All of the students did a great job!

I was very upset the night we went to see the see the production to find out all photography was "strictly prohibited." What!!??

Fortunately I had been given permission to take some photos the night before while I was helping backstage. They aren't great photos because I was backstage, but at least I got some photos. Strictly prohibited. BAH!

I wasn't the only one who took a few photos while helping backstage.

See the other mom who helped taking photos of Captain Shang and the Emperor? And there's my girl, Miss Sofia, waiting in the wings.

The girl who payed Mushu did an excellent job! She was very funny!

There's Miss Sofia! She only had one line but the play would have been lost without it! That's just my opinion of course.

The band director spent three weeks creating this dragon head. Isn't it great?

Everyone loved the big confetti cannon finish!

What a fun play, even though the many long weeks of practice and the five shows wore my girl down to the point where she is now sick. She would do the whole thing again. And I would support her and help out all over again even though it left me with a sick child. And I will try to have a good attitude and kiss my poor sick girl's head and make her soup and take good care of her like usual instead of shouting, "Not today, I don't have time for this!" because I have so much to do after the busy play weekend and after taking a morning off to spend time with the Husband, which I'm so thankful for, that now won't get done because I have a sick family to take care of!

Yep, as much as I really do enjoy the occasional sick day, the occasional opportunity to dote on one of my family members when they're sick and need some extra lovin', sometimes it's just not convenient.

Can we reschedule this sick day please?


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