Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I'm going to do

All summer I've been stockpiling fabric. Oh how I love to wander through the fabric aisles of a craft store!

I've made good use of those 40% off coupons from Jo-Ann Stores!

I was busy filling my craft file with sewing project ideas too. 

Yes, I have a craft file. I also like to make lists. Being organized makes me happy. Is that weird? I'm totally okay with it!

Now that the girls back to school I plan to sew and sew and sew!! I'm so excited!

I want to make more of these cute, reversible purses.

I also want to make some fun, little drawstring bags, and maybe a couple of scarves. Oh the list of things I want to make goes on and on!

Who knows, maybe there's an etsy sight in my future where I will sell all of my fantastic creations! How cool would that be? Very cool!

I'm going to get started right after I get a load of laundry going...and I should cleanup the mess in the kitchen...and I have a couple of appointments I need to set up.

I think I'll get started tomorrow! Yep, for sure tomorrow! Right after I walk the dog. And as soon as I've...


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