Monday, September 12, 2011

And pride goes, runs, bolts before the fall

We are expected to get a couple more days of warm weather here in Minnesota and then that's it! Winter! That's right. Winter!

Well...okay, we should get a few days of Fall first, but then...Winter. Winter is coming, make no mistake about it, and to prepare, we had to do some shopping for Miss Sofi Bug, who did not have a single pair of jeans from last Winter/Spring that fit.

Good gravy that girl just keeps growing!

Fortunately we had some success finding jeans that she liked and had a little extra time to go looking at shoes...for me!

I found two pair of platform heals that I thought were pretty darn cute! Nothing too crazy high...this time! But high enough that I, when wearing them, will appear significantly taller than my girl! This has become a priority to me!

Miss Sofi Bug, noticing the height of the shoes I was looking at, accusingly asked if I was trying to buy shoes that would make me seem taller than her. 

"Oh yes baby! You might have the height, but Mom can buy the heels!" I pretty much teased her in this fashion the remainder of the time we were looking at shoes!

As I was only planning to purchase one pair of shoes, I decided to try on one shoe out of each pair to get the Husband's opinion about which ones he liked best.

While standing, I slipped on one shoe. I did not buckle it. I raised my other foot to put on one of the other shoes, my ankle buckled, my arms flailed, and I found myself sprawled on the ground! It was spectacular. Actually, I may have just been a spectacular spectacle!

I don't know what happened!

I remember thinking I should probably sit down. Then I was down! Right on my butt! In the middle of a shoe store. Full. Of. People!

Proverbs 16:18 instantly came to mind! Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall! 

You can take my word for it, Pride (and after already making a spectacular spectacle of myself I may as well just be honest and say, it was pride, it was vanity) bolts once one has landed on their butt! Pride runs like the wind! Pride may give one the push that sends them flailing to the floor, but Pride does not hang around to offer a hand up! Pride has no intention of sticking around to otherwise participate in the spectacular spectacle!

I think I'll let that be a lesson to me! Dang, I hate learning the hard way!

My daughter is taller than me! There it is! Time to sit back, relax, and be okay with it! Because that is way better than landing on the floor in a shoe store. Full. Of. People!

 I did purchase one of the pair of shoes.

I only bought them because I think they're supper cute! And they were on clearance, 50% off! And I had a coupon! They only cost me $10 dollars! I couldn't resist!

However, I will wear them humbly! I swear! So help me never to land sprawled on the floor of a shoe store. Full. Of. People ever again!!


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