Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My 5 hour vacation

Today I take my annual 5 hour vacation!

It is the only real vacation I get each year!

Oh, we have "vacation" time as a family. 

It's good to get away from the regular routine of life. The family always has a wonderful time together! But, and I think most moms would agree, vacations are never really a vacation for mom. Vacations usually mean a lot of work for mom! Planning, preparing, taking care of everyone's needs, cares, concerns, problems, and desires. Vacations can be a lot of fun, but usually, a lot of work! I haven't even mentioned the load of work once the family returns from vacation! Laundry, grocery shopping, the bills were paid right? Yes, very relaxing!

I just want to be clear, husbands do help! I'm not complaining about whether or not they do their share. The reality however, is that like at home, when the kids need something, want something or have a problem, they call for mom! Mom is always on call! A big part of mom's routine and work comes with her on a family vacation. Yes, I mean the kids! 

Again I want to clarify. Love having my kids! Love spending time with them! But kids and relaxing do not mix for mom!

Today is the first day of school for Miss Sofi Bug 8th grader,

and Miss Emma Bean 5th grader. Wow time flies!!

The house is quiet!

No one will be calling "Mom" for 5 hours! 5 whole hours!!

No one will knock on the bathroom door moments after I have closed it!

No one will make a mess seconds after I have just cleaned!

The girls have gone off to school and they will not "need" me for 5 hours!

Bye! Bye!

Ciao Baby!

Today, I take a vacation day!

I will NOT clean!

I WILL have a grande Starbucks Mocha!

I will NOT go through the stack of papers that has been piling up on my desk the last 3 months.

I WILL look at all of the magazines that I have not had a chance to read all summer!

I will NOT vacuum, even though I found a wad of dog fur in the hallway. I'm not even going to pick it up and throw it away!!

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm totally going to pick it up and throw it! But I will NOT vacuum!

I WILL sit on the porch, feel the breeze on my face and watch the birds!

I will NOT make anyone else's lunch!!!

I WILL eat a bag of microwave popcorn! And I won't share it with anyone! HA!

Today, the first day the girls are back in school, I will relax! I will breath deeply!

Tomorrow I will once again make the list and get to work, but today, I vacation!


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