Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random or is it just variety

Emma Bean right before her last volleyball game.


Emma Bean after she saw the other team. A team made up of girls all a full foot taller than anyone on Bean's team. A team of girls who clearly had more volleyball experience than any girl on Bean's team!


Lilo who now curls up for her naps because it's Fall and the temperature is dropping and she's cold. She's cold because she's left all of her warm fur on my floor, and my furniture, and on everything else in my house!

Pathetic! Cute, but pathetic!

I've actually made time for some sewing projects.


Fancy girls in fancy hats.

Too fun!

My fancy Dad in a fancy hat with my fancy girls in fancy hats!

Too funny!

My Dad, my girl's Papa, being silly with my girls in the fanciest hat of all.

Heart warming!

The after school treat I will be making for my girls today.


The Husband trying out a new look.



I have no words!


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