Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Scoop on Newspaper Wrapping

This year I decided to try something different and wrap our Christmas gifts with newspaper.

I wrapped one and wasn't sure if I liked the look or not. The package looked fine but I didn't think it was fabulous.

Since I couldn't decide whether or not to go for it and wrap everything in newspaper, I went for a consensus and asked the Family for their opinions.

They liked it! In fact the girls said it was "super cute!" 

Figuring I couldn't get much better than that, I went for it! I added some tissue paper flower bows though, to make the packages a little more fabulous!

I realized very quickly that choosing to use newspaper was not as simple a plan as I thought it would be. It takes a bit more thought than just grabbing a roll of wrapping paper!

It's probably NOT a good choice to use a section of newspaper that is covered in scandal!! 

Oh dear!

Political articles are probably best to avoid as well!

It's Christmas! We can resume talks about politics after the new year!!

And sports?

While I've heard lots of good things about Tim Tebow, we are not big sports fans. Please don't hold it against us! We just don't really care who wins the Superbowl. We do like to watch the commercials though!

I'm just saying it took some consideration to choose the sections of newspaper I used for wrapping!

I liked the funny section!

Especially the funny's that were Christmasy!

I also liked the sections that had gingerbread houses, Christmas cookie recipes and fun Christmas adds!!

All in all I like newspaper as wrapping printed fingers aside! Oh yeah my fingers were covered! I'll have to bring hand wipes for the recipients of our gifts!!

Feeling pretty good about my fabulously wrapped gifts, I asked the family what they thought again. They really liked one gift wrapped in the newspaper, they'd really like several! Right?

Miss Emma Bean gave me a quirky look and said, "Your not going to wrap all the gifts like that, are you?"

I should have left well enough alone!

I will also be wrapping some gifts in regular old Christmas wrap.

Ho ho ho! The Stinker!


P.S. I used Google to find out how to make the tissue paper flowers. There are many sites that give the directions.

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