Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not the best laid plans

First thing this morning I got my housecleaning done, thinking that it would be nice to spend the afternoon wrapping Christmas gifts!

I decided it might be fun to try using newspaper to wrap our presents this year. It seems like a crafty thing to do! It's kind of homey and fun. It's very environmentally friendly! I have lots of it!

Too bad I didn't check to see if I had lots of ribbon!

I had enough ribbon for one package. I guess I won't be wrapping presents today.

Oh well. This way I can ask the Husband what he thinks of newspaper as Christmas wrap. I'm not sure I'm sold on the idea. And I do have plenty of Christmas wrap from last year that we wouldn't want to have go to waste!

With plans for wrapping gifts on hold, I decided to bake some bread.

A friend gave me some peach jam that will pair ever so nicely with English Muffin bread!

As I began to pull out the ingredients for making bread, I realized I didn't have enough milk to make bread, have milk with dinner tonight, and breakfast tomorrow. Since I plan to go grocery shopping tomorrow I didn't want to make an extra trip today just to get milk for baking bread. Plans for making bread...on hold!

It was fine! I would just whip up some of the Jello pudding fudge I've been planning to make! I knew I had everything to make that!

Jello instant pudding...check!

1 stick of butter...check!


3 cups of powdered sugar...check!

I package (8 squares) Baker's semi-sweet chocolate...Check! 


2 squares!? NOOOO! Only 2 squares of chocolate left in the box!



Christmas cards...check!

Filling out Christmas cards this afternoon it is! Snort! 


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