Monday, December 5, 2011

Craft Party! We're making wreaths!

I went in search of some simple Christmas ornament crafts last week because I had planned to have a little crafting party.

I found this fun fabric wreath on the Disney Family Fun website and thought it would be perfect for the party; cute, simple and I already had most of the supplies!

What I didn't expect was that so many of my friends would also think it was a great craft and like I said, it was a little crafting party. I had only invited 4 friends, but several others wanted to learn to make the wreath as well.

So I decided we'd have a BIG Blog Crafting Party! Yippee!

This way everyone can participate. I don't have to find a time that works for everyone's busy Christmas time schedules because you can join the party whenever you want! And I don't have to cut out any more fabric!

I cut out a lot of fabric!

I spent hours cutting fabric!

I cut enough fabric to make 13 wreaths! 

It was worth it though! My hand will recover eventually!

The instructions I found for the wreath call for using felted sweaters.

Felting sweaters is very easy. Wash wool sweaters in hot water and dry on high heat. Ta Da! Sweater felted! And now too small for any adult to ever wear again! So, if by some freak accident one of your sweaters was washed and dried and shrunk to the size of a toddler by some one, don't fret! Use it for crafts!! After you've finished crying, because it was your favorite sweater, and who doesn't know that you should never dry a wool sweater in the dryer on high heat if you ever want to wear it again!?


I did use some felted wool sweaters and I also cut up and used this little green dress that Miss Emma bean wore when she was three that I haven't been able to part with.

 My little cutie pies!

I also used fabric from an old green and white gingham sheet that had blown it's elastic.

And I cut up and used an old green, wool blazer and several different shades of green felt.

You can use just about any fabric you want, just be sure to cut fabrics that may fray with a pinking shears!

For our BIG Blog Crafting Party you'll need fabric pieces cut into 1 1/2 inch squares, a needle with a large eye, embroidery floss, and some ribbon.

Now that we have our supplies...

I've got the fire crackling in the fireplace,

there's hot chocolate,

and snacks!

Let's get this party started!

Cut a piece of embroidery floss 18 inches long.

Miss Sofi Bug posed for this photo. I have no idea why she was holding the scissors that way! Weird!
Thread needle and knot the end of your floss. String fabric squares onto the embroidery floss.

You can choose to create a pattern or add squares at random. I tend to be random!

Continue to add fabric squares until you have filled your floss with 9 inches of fabric. 

Pull the floss and squares together to form a circle, drawing the needle and floss through a few of the first squares added to the floss and tie off the floss.

Finally sew a little bow or even some little jingle bells onto your wreath and string a ribbon through the wreaths center then tie off the ends! Hang your wreath and admire!!

Thanks for joining the BIG Blog Craft Party!

I'd love to see your finished wreaths! Just click on the contact button and send a photo via email!

We'll have to blog craft party together more often!


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