Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures

Thanksgiving weekend is, hands down, my favorite weekend of the year!

It's pie bakin', 

(A little sugar sprinkled on the crust this time. A little bubbling over action too. Ooooo)

potato mashin', (Pioneer Woman's recipe. Just look at all that cream cheese! YUM!!!)

(FYI - DO NOT, under any circumstances, wrap your arms around your spouse, who is elbow deep in a hot pot mashing potatoes, and kiss her. She will likely forget what she is about, rest her arm on the side of the hot pot, and get a wicked burn! Just sayin')

Christmas light untanglin',

fresh air breathin',

game playin',

(Whoa! Where did the focus go??)

turkey wrapped in bacon cookin',

(Oh yeah!!)

Mom's Mandarin orange salad scarfin',

snow fallin', temperature droppin',

Christmas craftin', (look what I made!!)

Christmas tree gettin',

children watchin'!!!

(Hold those little hands folks!!)

wagon ridin',

Santa spyin', 

(There may have been a little mommy of big girls cryin'. My girls said they are too old for getting a photo taken with Santa. -waaaaaaah-

goofy actin', (But not apparently too old to do this. Go figure!)

tree decoratin',

junk food snackin',

Again with the focus. -snort-


Yep, favorite weekend of the year! -sigh-


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