Monday, December 10, 2012

A New Passion

I've taken up knitting.

I tried knitting a few years ago. I gave it up. I think I started with a project that was too difficult and took too long. I may have needed some instant craft project gratification. I know, I know, we are a nation of people who are constantly looking for instant gratification and it's not good. However, for a hobby, I think it's excusable. Right?


This fall I decided to try again. I decided to try an easier project. Yes, I went for the instant gratification.

I started with this simple cowl. Not bad.

Then I made this one. Nice!

And this one! A handsome cowl for my handsome guy!

Then these two!! Looking good!

Now I'm hooked! I can't stop! Knitting is my new obsession passion! And with all of the great tutorials that can be found online, it's been easy to learn.

I found the patterns/tutorials for these cowls at Knit and Bake and Tentenknits.

I also follow The Purl Bee, where I've found several knitting projects I hope to try once I'm over my need for instant craft project gratification. You know, when I'm willing to work on something that may take longer to complete. I expect that will be anytime now. Yep, anytime.

For the time being, I'm excited to have covered everyone in cowls. Perfect timing too as we just enjoyed a lovely snow day yesterday receiving 10 inches of snow and now it's cold outside.


Well, back to my basket of yarn! 

Happy Monday!


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