Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Things That Make Me Go...Humph!

1.When the windows, that looked sparkling and clear all weekend because I spent so much time cleaning them, no longer looked so sparkling and clear once the clouds dispersed and they were placed under the scrutiny of the morning sun.


From now on I'm leaving the blinds closed until the rays of morning sunshine pass my windows!

2. When the family goes for a drive to enjoy the fall colors, which the news reported were finally at their peak in our area, only to find that the news is no better at predicting peak fall colors than they are at predicting the next day's weather. We've definitely moved past bright fall colors to dull fall browns.


We only found one brightly colored tree!

I did get this photo of me with my girls that day though.

3. When my children, who know I don't want any more pets than we already have,(one very cute, fluffy dog and 3 fish!) are introduced to some super cute barn kittens and the begging for another pet begins. 

The begging, I can handle.

This little face, it slays me!


I did not walk, I ran away!!

4. When, after only 10 minutes outside, I realized I could no longer feel my toes and I finally had to concede that it's time to put away the summer flip flops.

Double HUMPH!!!

I do appreciate the consolation of warm woolen socks though.

Thank you for allowing me to get that off my chest. I feel much better. 

I hope your day is humph free, bit if it's not, go ahead and tell me your humph in the comment section. It may make you feel better to get it off your chest too!


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