Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Perfect Fall Weekend

We had the most glorious fall weather last weekend! 

Does anyone else see Gonzo's face in those clouds?

Gotta love Gonzo!


Just me then?

Like everyone else, we couldn't resist heading to the apple orchard. 

It was a perfect weekend to get photos of the girls!

Even got one of the husband and myself!!

Oh yeah, it was a perfect day for kissing under the apple trees.

Eh hem!

It was a perfect weekend for pumpkins.

Anyone see the face in this pumpkin?

Oh come on! I can't be the only one! Right??

It was also a perfect weekend for perfect boots! Wish these were mine! But they're not. They've got perfect buckles that climb all the way up the backs.

The owner turned just as I was snapped the photo. -drat!-

The girls were totally freaked out that I was taking a picture of this lady's boots. Then I was freaked out that the lady might freak out if she knew I was taking a photo of her boots so I didn't wait for her to turn around again and get a good photo of the backs of them.

Later, when we all calmed down, I realized she would probably have been thrilled that I liked her boots so much and would have been glad to let me take all the photos I wanted. -bah!- Maybe next time.

It was a perfect day to visit our favorite hot dog stand. Cup and Cone!

They'll be closing for the season soon.

It was a perfect day for one last Cup and Cone hurrah!

Chili dog with onions. My favorite! Good thing I kissed the Husband before I had all those onions!!

And of course we had Cup and Cone ice cream!

Yep, gotta love a perfect weekend.


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