Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apple Dumpling

I made these just for you.

Well, I made them to share the recipe with you, so you could could make them too. 

I ate these.

No, I didn't eat them all by myself! The Family helped. The Family and the Husband's sister. The Husband's sister was in town last week and stayed with us for a few days. We had a great visit! She helped with the eating of the apple dumplings too. I think she liked them. Yep, I'm pretty sure I'm her favorite sister-in-law now! 

The family is very lucky that I'm so generous and willing to share this most excellent dessert with them. The fact that I didn't eat them all myself doesn't mean I couldn't, or wouldn't if the family hadn't been home at the time I was baking them. Drat! 

Reminder to self...make sure the family is not home when baking apple dumplings! Oh yeah!


Apple dumplings are an easy, perfect fall dessert. I kinda love them.

If you enjoy making pie crust, go for it!

You'll need enough pastry for a 9 inch, 2 crust pie.

Prepare pastry then roll 2/3 of it into an 11 inch square. Cut pastry into 4 equal squares. I like to use my pizza cutter. Roll remaining pastry into an 14x7 rectangle, then cut that into 2 squares. You will now have enough pastry squares for 6 dumplings.

If you do not enjoy making pie crust or if you are desperate for apple dumplings and the thought of taking extra time to make pastry sends your tastebuds over the hem. It's just as tasty to use a store bought crust.

Thank you Pillsbury for ready made pie crust. It has saved many a desperate tastebud!

Unroll the readymade crusts and cut them into 4 triangles each. You will have 8 pieces. You only have room for 6 dumplings in the pan. You'll have 2 extra pieces of pastry. I have yet to find a creative way to use these extra pieces. Will you let me know if you come up with something?

Peel and core 6 tennis ball sized, tart apples. I prefer to use Haralson apples.

Place one apple on each pastry triangle.

Now you can fill the center of your apples with raisins, or chopped walnuts if you'd like. I usually leave mine empty. The Husband likes his filled with raisins. I won't judge him, but it does take extra time. Just sayin'.

Fold up each corner of the pastry.

Press the edges of the pastry closed.

Place the dumplings in an 11x7 baking dish. Feel free to take as much time as you'd like to make your dumplings look perfect. Or not. They will taste the same either way and it really will depend on how desperate you are to have them done so you can eat them! Mine were not perfect!

In a sauce pan bring 2 cups of brown sugar and 1 cup of water to a boil stirring constantly.

Carefully pour the brown sugar mixture (it will be very hot!) over the top of the dumplings. YU-UMMY!

Place the baking dish of dumplings in a 425˚ preheated oven. Bake for 40 minutes, carefully spooning (I use my turkey baster for this) the brown sugar mixture over the dumplings every 10 minutes.

Oh they look so good!

Serve them up all nice and hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Fall dessert perfection!

Enjoy! Your tastebuds will be sooo happy!


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