Thursday, September 6, 2012

Daisy Picker

She's smart and funny.

She has a great sense of style.

She is kind and compassionate, sometimes strong willed, and quick to defend others.

She's also our daisy picker.

Literally and figuratively.

Our Miss Emma Bean can become easily distracted.

She will stop to smell the roses or read a book or gravitate to something shiny instead of getting ready or cleaning her room or instead of whatever it is she was supposed to be doing.

Don't get me wrong, I love that she's a daisy picker! She notices what's around her and wants to take time to enjoy life. It's a very good thing. Unless you're now a 6th grader, in middle school, who has very limited time in the morning to get ready!!

In the past Miss Emma Bean has had a lot of extra time in the mornings and little distractions weren't a very big deal. This year, not so much! She has a lot less time and must use it wisely to get ready. 

The Husband and I knew we needed a plan to help Miss Emma Bean focus. Here's what we came up with, and so far it's working!! Whoop whoop!!

I purchased a cute little container from Target for $1.00 and grabbed some clothes pins I had leftover from another project.

I pulled out the Washi tape I'd purchased some time ago. I bought it because it's so pretty and I was hoping I could come up with a fabulous craft idea for it's use. I haven't. I'm at a loss! But it's sooo pretty!

Anyway, I placed a strip of Washi tape, with a task written on it for getting ready in the morning, on each clothespin...brush teeth, comb hair, make bed, etc. Then I clipped each clothespin to the edge of the container.

It's not that Miss Emma Bean doesn't know she has to do these tasks to get ready. Oh she knows! It's just that she can become distracted, quickly distracted, and forget that she wasn't finished getting ready. Love her!

Miss Emma Bean now has a visual reminder of what must be accomplished each morning. As she completes a task, she drops the clothespin labeled with the task into the container. When all of the clothespins are in the container, she knows she's done and can do what she wants in the time she has remaining.

Now she no longer has any excuse for forgetting a task that needs to be completed in the morning and the Husband and I don't have to be chasing after her to get ready. She's also learning to be more responsible for herself and her time. Win win!

I don't think she'll need to use this tool for very long. In a few weeks I think the pattern will be set and automatic. It's been a huge help for these first few days of school though!

I wish I had thought of this idea when the girls were younger to teach them their bedtime routine. I think attaching a photo for each bedtime task - a toothbrush, pajamas, etc - would have made bedtime a lot easier. Oh well. Live and learn.

So, from one mom of a daisy picker to any others out there, this idea has been super helpful. Thought I'd pass it along.

And if anyone has any great craft ideas for the Washi tape, I'd love to hear them!! Please and thank you!


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