Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Science Fair

Miss Emma Bean was all atwitter yesterday because it was time for the science fair!

She and her schoolmates couldn't wait to show off all of their hard work and creativity.

Our school has held their annual science fair for about 6 years now. I think this year's fair was the best one yet!

The students are really thinking through their ideas and trying to perfect their experiments. Many of them created hands on experiences, allowing others to try out the experiment for themselves.

I checked out...

Very fun!

I was fascinated by the study in robotics and this soda can robot!

Very clever!

I enjoyed the carnations in colored water experiment.

I was impressed by this model of the water cycle. 

Nicely done!

I've always thought the lemon or potato battery is a very interesting experiment. I have never seen one as impressive as this though!

We've got to put this kid to work on alternate energy sources! He's ready!!

My friend's son, Andy, experimented with magnets and electricity to create a motor. 

If the experiments I saw last night are any indication, the future of energy is looking good!

And Miss Emma Bean experimented with amplifying sound. She created a balloon-a-phone.

It was interesting to see how the different amounts of air inflation in the balloons affect the volume of the music. And the kids enjoyed listening to music and doing a little dancing!

All-in-all the kids did a great job! No wonder they were so excited. It's also possible that the expectation of going to DQ for ice-cream afterward added to their excitement just a little!


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