Sunday, March 25, 2012

Origami Pikachu Tutorial

Recently I posted a photo of an Origami Pikachu. 

Since the girls learned how to make them, I have been finding the little critters everywhere! They're in the car, on shelves, on the kitchen counters, on my desk, EVERYWHERE!

Some of you have expressed an interest in learning how to make this little guy, so Miss Sofia graciously agreed to star in a short little video tutorial for you. 

I'm going to tell you straight away that this is the first video of this sort we've ever done. Actually, it's pretty much the first video we've taken in the last 13 years. We don't tend to take videos. 

We have exactly two videos of Miss Sofia that were taken when she was one year old. They were taken with one of those old, gigantic video cameras. Remember those? That's all. Not a single video more. We're just not much into taking the videos. Now photos, that's a different story. We have truckloads of those. Videos, not so much. Go figure.

All of that is to say, we're not practiced in the art of film making. At all! You're going to hear an assortment of whispered directions, sniffs, and some general clammer in the background of this video. We did manage to edit out moments of giggling and general silliness however. woohoo?

I want to give a big thank you to Miss Sofia for being a good sport about showing everyone how to make an origami Pikachu! And a big thank you to the Husband for video editing and for figuring out how to post a video to the blog! 

Applause applause!!

Happy origamiing everyone!


P.S. If your house becomes overrun by origami Pikachus, I take no responsibility!

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