Wednesday, March 14, 2012


A few things that make me happy, in no particular order.

1)  Snowmen that flee in rushing streams of snow melt because spring has decided to arrive early this year and give us winter weary Minnesotans (winter weary mostly because we had no winter to speak of this past years because winter never seems to end) an unusually warm, record breaking warm, break out the flip flops in the middle of what can be the snowiest month of the season warm, March! 

Watching the snow disappear and the birds return makes me very happy! Flip flops too!

2)  With all of their hopes and dreams for the future. Their giggles and sense of humor. For gladly teaching the younger children how to make origami Pikachu, teenagers make me happy!

3)  Spring decor with bunnies,

and speckled eggs makes me happy!

4)  I don't think there could be a happier plant than the Shamrock. Well maybe the Daisy. I don't have any Daisies yet, so the Shamrock it is!

Did you know that the Shamrock leaves lay down against the stem at night? It's like the plant goes to sleep. That's probably why it's such a happy plant. It's very well rested!

5)  Speaking of rested, fresh sheets on the bed make me happy! Especially after being sick with a cold. 

Not just the sniffles kind of cold! Noooo! The, "You're snoring again can you roll over please?" kind of cold. Which is quickly followed by the response of, "Would you please prop yourself up a little, then maybe you wouldn't cough so much and keep me awake!" kind of cold. Yes, the Husband and I have both had horrible, miserable, keep each other from getting any sleep, kind of colds. Bah

Washing the sheets in steaming hot water gives me intense satisfaction that all of those rotten cold germs are being destroyed and washed away! So happy!!

6)  Jars filled with Easter m&m's...totally happy! Clearly someone has been swiping the peanut m&m's. Hmmm

7)  Finally getting my large, 6 cup Ball jar painted white. Elated! I got the idea to paint the Jar quite some time ago from The Lettered Cottage blog. Love Layla and Kevin's blog! Love my white jar! Now I just need to fill it with some flowers.

Happy flowers! 

8)  Daffodils!

9&10)  This one counts for two because who isn't made happy just by looking at Corgis? Add a heart to a Corgi butt and the happiness and joy abound!

The Husband found this photo on Google. If I knew who to give the credit to I would. So Cute!!
Have a happy Wednesday!


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MawPawpage said...

Hi Christine. This is Tanya and Paul McKinley and have been keeping up with your blog. I love the orgami in your hand and I teach kindergarten. Can you email me the directions at:
Thank you and again we enjoy your blog...Note our blogspot...Haven't used it much in a while but since we have your's we would love to keep in touch...And down south, here, we had NO winter.... :-(
Tanya and Paul