Monday, March 19, 2012

The Freckle Fairy

When the girls were little we would look for, and get very excited about, each new mole they sprouted!

Really it was just an excuse to plant extra kisses on them. 

Every new mole deserves a celebration of new kisses! Doesn't it?

One mole celebration led to the question, "Where do moles come from?"

Before I could begin to explain about melanin in the skin, the Husband stated, with all sincerity, that moles are created by the Mole Troll.

Yes, he said Mole Troll. Oh just wait. It gets even better!

The Mole Troll arrives in the night while everyone is sleeping. Then he smudges you with his mole stick, leaving behind a new mole. It's an honor to be visited by the Mole Troll!

You probably assume that I immediately told the girls that Daddy was only joking and gave them an honest explanation. 

I did not.

I smiled and said, "That's right!"

I have no explanation for this kind of crazy talk in our family.

We let the girls believe the Mole Troll story for far too long. I can only imagine the astronomical therapy bills we are going to be required to pay! Yikes

It's exactly this kind of crazy talk that caused me to consider telling Miss Emma Bean that the Freckle Fairy must have danced across her face when I noticed that she had broken out the most precious sprinkling of freckles by her nose.

There aren't very many, and they are very tiny as some Freckle Fairies have very tiny feet. But they're enough to make me want to scoop her up in my arms and plant kisses on each one!

I love them!

They are beautiful!

I did refrain from telling her they were made by the Freckle Fairy. But oh how I wanted to!

Do you have freckles?

Do you know that they are beautiful?

I promise, if I see you with all of your precious freckles, I will resist the urge to scoop you up and plant kisses on each one of them. No matter how badly I want to!


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