Monday, June 23, 2014


Ahhh the Peony.

One of the first bursts of color in my winter weary flower garden.

It's a delight the way their giant blooms sway in the breeze like heads bobbing to music.

They are magnificent!

One bouquet fills the entire house with glorious fragrance! I may have cut a bouquet for every room anyway!!

It always amazes me how long these gorgeous blooms last. 

They show no signs of wilting. 

Then one day, when you least expect it...

Every petal drops! Done! Kaput! -sigh- But they sure are something while they last!

I'd cut a few more but the recent rain smashed every bobbing head face down into the ground.

So sad!

Oh the rain! It never seems to end here. AHHH!! Utterly frustrating as the water now seeps into our basement. Grrr!

Makes me that much more grateful for the few days of glorious, joyful blooms bobbing and swaying in the garden!




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