Friday, November 22, 2013

Step 2: A Cozy Coop Run

Like it or not -NOT- winter is moving in.

In fact it made it's first hello with a few inches of snow a couple weeks ago.  

In mid October the garden looked like this! Can you believe it? -sigh-


With the expectation of that first snowfall on it's way we needed to get to work on the next step of coop winterization. 

Winterization? I'm pretty sure that's a real word! -hmmm-

With prep for keeping the chickens' water source from freezing completed last month, we now needed to protect the coop run from wind and snow.

I purchased a few clear, plastic shower liners from Target for only $2.50 each, 

then the Husband, with heavy duty stapler in hand, and with the help of his lovely assistant, (that would be me!) set to work wrapping the coop run, leaving the upper foot open for air flow! Air flow is good! A chickens gotta breath ya know!

It's surprising how comfortable the temperature remains in the coop run now that it's all wrapped up. It's actually kind of cozy! And now the snow can't pile up where the chickens want to play!

It's so cozy in fact that the girls are hesitant to head into the garden now that the days are getting brisk.

When I took some apple slices to them, Penny was the only one who would ventured out to the garden into the light dusting of snow that lay on the ground.

The rest of the girls just stared at me from the open door. I know they were thinking...just toss the rest of those slices in here already. No amount of coaxing or cooing could convince them to join me in the open garden. -wimps!-

While the coop isn't quite as cozy as this...

I think it's going to keep our fine feathered friends pretty comfortable this winter.


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