Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Please Hit the Brakes

My baby.

My eldest.

My Miss Sofi Bug.

She thinks she's old enough to start driving! 

That can't be. Just the other day...

Nope! She can't possibly be old enough to drive!!

The state of Minnesota disagreed with me. Totally unfair!

I mean...YAY!!! 

Yep, my girl has her driver's permit!

Miss Sofia and her bestie, Emily. Love these girls!!
She's very excited. 

I'm still in shock! But how could I be anything but excited for her?!

The Husband and I have been taking her out to practice her driving skills.

Like any of us when we started driving...the skills need some work.

We've agreed that things will go along very nicely as long as we do our best to "not stress her out" and she does her best to avoid slamming too hard on the breaks! -Yikes-

We've also discovered that as long as we all have a good sense of humor about it, we'll do alright.

But really, could we just hit the breaks on the growing up so fast thing? Where is the pause button?? A short game delay? Anything? -sigh-


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