Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chickens Move In

This little venture into raising chickens has been a source of joy, and to a degree, a comforting distraction in the last few months which have been so difficult. God works in mysterious ways!

I owe a huge THANK YOU (See what I did there? That's a huge thank you!) to the Husband who's worked so hard every rain and snow free day to get the coop completed!

He put a lot of thought, time, and energy into building an amazing little chicken coop. Our chickens are very lucky!

I have no idea why, but I found this photo in with all of my coop photos. Do you suppose someone was trying to tell me what they want served with our first fresh eggs. Hmmmmm


As of June 8th, the coop was finally...

wait for it...

DONE!! Whoop Whoop!

We all signed the inside of the coop indicating our willingness to love, hold, and snuggle the chickens as needed. As well as our willingness to clean out the coop on a regular basis and in general take good care of the coop and chickens! In essence we all signed the chicken care agreement.

It's possible not all parties were informed, until this moment, that they were signing the chicken care agreement. I can't really be to blame if they didn't read the fine print. Eh hem. 

Then we had the ribbon cutting ceremony!

And the ladies finally moved into the coop! And out of my living room!! Hurray!!

I think the ladies are very happy with their new digs.

And the children have finally accepted that the coop is for the chickens to live in, not for them!


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