Monday, June 24, 2013

The Beautiful Nort

We spent last week vacationing up North, that would be up Nort for all my favorite Norwegians. We spent the first half of the week in Duluth and the second half with good friends in Grand Marais.

It was so nice to get away. I'll try to share more about the trip later in the week. For today I just want to share some photos of the beautiful scenery. 

It was mostly foggy and drizzly while we were there, but I don't think the gloomy weather detracted one bit from northern Minnesota's beauty.

The cairns (stacked rocks!) people build along Lake Superior's shore are fascinating!

This photo is proof that we had at least one sunny day!

Apparently not everyone wishes to use rocks. Sticks are good too!

Gotta love funny animal photos! Animals, unlike teenage children, can't yell, "That's an awful photo of me! Don't you dare post that!!" Teenage children also are not amused when you reply, "But it's funny." 

Just look at all that fog. It got thick as pea soup as they say. I'm going to let you in on a little secret...I like it! It makes me want to snuggle by a warm fire and eat soup. Or maybe play games with some of my favorite kiddos! Yep, I like it!

I kinda love vacation time up nort!


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Kelly @ Love Well said...

That shot of the fog rolling in over Artist's Point is chillingly beautiful.

I love your photos. Glad you had a good time. You got donuts, didn't you?