Thursday, June 27, 2013

Not The Same, But Still Good

The Family spent the first few days of our vacation in Duluth, Minnesota.

Our days were filled with sea glass hunting.

We found more sea glass in this one trip than in all the other trips to Lake Superior combined! It was awesome! A nice benefit of all the crazy wind and high waves!

There was pizza eating.

I highly recommend Vitta Pizza on Canal Park...YUM! Amazing isn't it, how fast pizza can bring smiles to teenage faces? Pizza joy!

We took time to visit the Lake Superior zoo. 

The zoo is still working to recover after a flood last year. It's a lovely zoo! If you're in Duluth go, visit the zoo, and give it your support. It would be wonderful to see it get the financial support it needs to be fully restored.

And there was plenty of general silliness.

They are such good sports! Always willing to act goofy so I can get the shot! I love them so!!

General silliness, I've found, is very good for the soul!

After a few days in Duluth, we were off to Grand Marais Minnesota.

The Family was very excited for the Grand Marais portion of our trip, but I'm going to tell you honestly, there were times that portion of the vacation made my heart skip a beat.

You see, our trip had been planned for some time. It had been planned with the intent to spend time with my friend Amy and her family.

Amy, her husband Dave, and their children, Emily and Andy, planned this vacation months ago. They wanted to stay in Grand Marais, Amy's favorite place, for four weeks as soon as the kids were out of school.

Family and friends, my family included, made arrangements to join Amy and her family in Grand Marais at different times throughout their stay. 

We'd been looking forward to this trip for some time!

But Amy didn't make the Grand Marais trip with us as planned. She was called someplace better! She went home to be with the Lord.

We knew the trip wouldn't be the same without her, but we decided it would still be good.

And good it was!

Well, aside from the car trouble we had.

The Husband took the car to a repair shop once we got into town because it was having some trouble. He was told we would likely need to replace the transmission. -bah- He was also told the car should get us home -YAY!-, but that he should, and I quote, "Drive it like it's stolen!" WHAT??

We opted not to discuss what to do with the car while we were on vacation! However, when we saw this very cool yellow Jeep, just what the Husband has been pining for, we all assured him that if he were to lick it the Jeep would become his. Surely no one would want it after it had his germs on it. He went for it!

It still hasn't shown up in our driveway though. Huh, weird!!


As I was saying, our trip was different than planned, but it was a time of healing and joy. It was good!

During the day we watched the quartet laugh and enjoy time together. A huge blessing! There is great comfort in the joy of children!

Evenings, the Husband, Dave, and I spent talking about the sorrows and joys through Amy's illness during the last year. We talked about God's overwhelming goodness in the hardships we face. We talked about trusting, and clinging to God. God has given so much peace.

The Husband and I have been blessed to witness Dave and Amy live out their deep and abiding faith that God is in control, that He is merciful, and good! We have seen the strengthening of their marriage and the living out of the vows they made to each other 17 years sickness and health, till death do us part. Neither of them would ever say that they are perfect people, but they have lived with the intent to glorify the Lord and trust in His will for their lives.

We've been blessed to grow close to this family and walk with them through good and hard times!

We've been amazed as we've watched their families and friends surround them with love and support!

Like our vacation, the future no longer looks the way we planned.

In fact, the future looks a lot like the fog covered road on our trip home.

We can only see so far right now, but that's alright. God knows the way. We will continue to follow closely behind Him. And life will still be good!


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