Monday, April 15, 2013

Meet The Girls

Picked up our chicks last Thursday, in spite of a miserable snow storm. Anybody else ready for Spring? -sigh- 

We purchased our girls from Egg Plant Urban Farm Supply.

I don't think anyone else had made it into the store yet to pick up their chicks, so I got to take my pick of the litter! Whoop whoop!

Look at all those sweet babies!

They were all so cute! It wasn't easy to decide. But decide I did and brought home some very pretty girls. If I do say so myself.

There's Miss Sofia's Buff Orpington named Pookie.

She's very calm and can't wait to use her wings. It's because of Pookie we've already covered the brooding box with a screen. She's got quite a jump that one!

If one of the chicks manages to escape the brooding box it will be Pookie.

Then there's Miss Emma Bean's Barred Rock named Luna.

Luna is a little more high strung. She's the first one to bolt when you approach the brooding box. However, she does not object to snuggling into your cupped hands and falling asleep.

Look how beautiful her wings are! She'll be completely black and white striped when she's fully grown. The odd pink dot on her head is not natural. It was placed there when she hatched to make it easier to identify the Barred Rock chicks from other black chicks. The black chicks can look a lot alike when they're little. Black chicks like the Husband's choice...

The Black Australorp. Her name is Jade. 

Jade is mostly black now but when she's fully grown her plumage will have a lovely greenish sheen.

Jade is the smallest of the bunch, but she's quick! If she grabs a piece of chick feed one of the other girls wanted she bolts and no one can catch her. Oh they try, but it's not going to happen. I think she gets a little too much satisfaction from grabbing the food one of the other girls wanted!

And last but not least, in fact she's our biggest chick, my Ameraucana named Penelope. I call her Henny Penny.

Penelope is the most willing to be held.

She's very sweet and will lay either blue or green eggs. I can't wait!

The girls spend their days drinking, eating, and sleeping.

Occasionally they fall asleep right where they stand.

I enjoy the contented soft chirping that emanates from the brooding box throughout the day.

The girls seem to have a preference for one particular corner of the brooding box. When they're not eating or drinking they tend to gather there.

They even seem to enjoy a little chicken yoga to round out their day.

And of course everyone enjoys a good chin scratching now and then. 

They're definitely keepers!

First thing Friday morning Miss Emma Bean grabbed me and said, "It's not a dream! The chickens are really here! I love them!"

Yep, keepers for sure!


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