Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Getting Ready

The Husband and I discussed, we researched, we pinned chicken coop designs incessantly on Pinterest till friends began to wonder what in the world we were up to. We're gonna raise chickens y'all! My farm girl impersonation. What do you think? Yes? No??


With chicks arriving this Thursday it was time to choose!

photo of Wichita "Cabin Coop" from backyard chickens.com
This is it! The coop design we've settled on. We found it on Back Yard Chickens.com. It's the perfect size for our yard as well as for the number of chickens we plan to raise. 

Time to get ready!

Tub with heat lamp, thermometer, feeder and waterer all prepared for brooding chicks indoors for several weeks. 

Did you notice? It's in the living room. The chicks will remain there for a couple of weeks till they get bigger and need a larger tub. Then they'll be moved to the basement. The Husband is a very tolerant man. Have I mentioned how much I love him? 

Time for a final determination as to the location of the coop. 

Our original plan was to place the coop at the end of the garden. There was only one problem, we thought that seemed awfully far from the house. Thinking about tromping out through the snow in the winter. Ugh! Then we thought in front of the garden. Hmmm. Only one problem, seems awfully close to the house.

Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love the Husband. 

We've decided to shift the garden back about 10 feet. We'll build the coop where the garden currently sits, giving space for the coop as well as a 5x10 foot chicken run. Then we'll push the garden back 10 feet so I'll have the same amount of planting space I had before. Easy, just move the garden. Problem solved. Eh hem. 

I really love that man! And I owe him!!

Finally, time for the construction begin!

Chickens arrive Thursday. We've got to get this coop built! Right after the 6 inches of snow we're forecasted to get tomorrow melts. BAH!!


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