Friday, April 5, 2013

How It All Began

About 6 years ago, a friend, who raises chickens on her lovely hobby farm, after hearing me say I thought it would be fun to hatch some chicken eggs with Miss Sofia and Miss Emma Bean, handed me an incubator, a few of the most beautiful colored eggs, and some chick feed. She gave me a few instructions and sent the Family on an adventure!

We waited with great anticipation!

And became the temporary parents to 10 of the most beautiful baby chicks ever!

The girls were in love!

Oh how they doted on those little chicks, naming each one. While I no longer remember all of their names, I remember a few; Baby, Snowball, Teriyaki (the Husband had a hand in that name), and Elvis, who was all black with feathers even on his feet. Elvis was very appropriately named as he loved to sing. At all hours! -Bah-

Aside from Elvis's constant crooning, we had so much fun caring for our little brood.

One minute they would be chasing each other around.

The next they would literally stop in their tracks and fall asleep.

They were endlessly entertaining.

Alas, the time came to return the little brood to the farm. The girls were so sad. They wanted so much to keep their beloved chicks. To tell the truth, I wanted to keep them too! How great to have one's own supply of beautiful, fresh eggs!

But where on earth would we put them? Not to mention, we didn't think there was any way we'd be allowed to keep chickens in our city. 

The chicks went back to the farm. -sigh-

In the years since, we haven't stopped thinking about our little brood. Every visit to a petting zoo that has chickens gets the Family talking about the time we hatched our little chicks, and dreaming about how great it would be to raise a few chickens of our own. It seems a lovely, albeit improbable dream.

Until we learned that our city, with the proper permit, allows residents to raise chickens! What?? You can only imagine how that little bit of news got the Family thinking!

Well, the thinking is over. 

After acquiring the necessary permit, which involved getting signatures of approval from our neighbors, fortunately they were all onboard, -whew- in fact we were surprised at how supportive they were, we ordered 4 baby chickens! They will arrive, one day old, April 11th!!

Yep, we will be raising chickens!! CRAZY! I know. But the Family is so excited! Whoop whoop!!


P.S. I will just apologize now, and warn you, that the next several weeks of blogging are likely to consist of an overabundance of photos of our new babies, gushing over how great the Family thinks they are, and efforts in coop building. Just sayin'!

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