Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Photo Wall Project

This wall has been begging for something, anything, to dress it up.

It's been begging for awhile now. A long while. A very long while. It's just sad really. But in our defense, the Husband and I just could not decide what we wanted to do.

Did we want book shelves on either side of the television stand. Did we want a photo wall. Did we want to get rid of the television all together because it takes up too much of our time. Pffft!(can't believe I wrote that last part with a straight face. -ha ha ah sigh-) 


After some thought, we finally settled on the photo wall. Yay! It only took us...forever! Oh well, these things happen. Right? 


Please say I'm not the only one.

And moving on...

We selected a variety of frames that we thought fit the look we were going for and I numbered each one.

Check out my photo bomber in the upper left corner. 
Then I traced each frame on a large piece of tracing paper, giving each paper cutout the same number as the frame. This would allow me to know which frame was going in what location on the wall.

I laid my plan out on the floor to get a rough idea of placement for the wall.

Following the rough pattern from the floor, I moved my cutouts to the wall. 

I used Scotch brand Removable Poster tape for this. Scotch poster tape is wonderful! I use it all the time! It holds well and comes off so easily. Did I mention it's wonderful?! 

Once I had all my cutouts in place and made a few adjustments, I realized I placed everything a little too close together and had to spread things out a bit, - love removable poster tape - the Husband helped make sure everything was lined up and level.

Poor man was probably glad to help out, he needed the break, he'd been working on taxes while I was working on the photo wall. I definitely got the better job!

With all the cutouts in place, and a little measuring for nail placement...

make sure to measure from the side in as well as top down for exact nail placement!
 (I just pounded those nails in the spot marked on the paper.)

one by one, I swapped paper cutouts for frames!

To make the wall a little more interesting I added a few extras.

Initial of our last name.

The wooden bowl made from the apple tree we had to remove from our yard, this small plaque, and an old skeleton key, which I forgot to get a photo of.  -ho hum-

It took us a few days to decide what to put in each frame, but I think it turned out very nicely!

Yep, very nice indeed! Makes the living room very cozy!

Of course now we want to paint the room a different color. Here's hoping choosing a new paint color won't take as long to decide on! -bah!-


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