Friday, March 15, 2013

Have You Ever

Have you ever washed a sink full of dishes, decided to take a quick minute to check Facebook before drying them, only to realize 40 minutes of favorite blog reading later that you completely forgot you were in the middle of doing dishes?

Have you ever taken a basket full of freshly folded laundry, set it on the bed in the guest bedroom, fully intending to return very soon to put the clean laundry away, only to have one of your children, 4 days later, ask you why they can't find any of their undies?

Have you ever walked by a plant 2 dozen times thinking, I really need to water that, only to find it looking sad and wilted 2 days later?

Have you ever put the dog do what dogs do outside...only to remember 20 snowy minutes later that you forgot the dog was outside?

Have you ever snuggled up on the couch to read your new magazine, thinking I'll just enjoy this one Dove chocolate while I relax, only to wonder where did all those wrappers come from?

Have you ever?

No?, me either. I was just wondering.

Eh hem. You may feel free to forget I asked!

Have a lovely weekend!


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