Friday, February 22, 2013


While the flower photos I posted the other day lifted my winter weary spirits some...bah winter! Go away!! The photos weren't enough. Oh how I'm itching to work in the garden!

I want to dig and plant and smell turned earth! -sigh- But with 3 inches of fresh snow today, it's not going to happen any time soon. Not outside anyway. 

But maybe...

With one glass bowl that was purchased to house one Beta fish, only to be discarded for a small fish tank,

and one terrarium kit, only $15.00 at my local gardening center,

and a few miniature plants,

I could scratch that gardening itch by creating a terrarium!! Worth a try anyway!

Almost any clear container will work for a terrarium. As I said I used this large fish bowl.

Add river rocks, which came in the kit, to cover the bottom of the container for drainage.

Sprinkle in a layer of horticultural charcoal, also included in the kit. This prevents the soil from developing a bad odor. We don't want our terrarium to stink! Look pretty...yes! smell stinky...NO!

Add in a layer of dry sheet moss, again part of the kit! Gotta love an all in one kit! The sheet moss prevents the soil from seeping into the drainage layer.

Now add in your potting soil...from the kit! The soil layer should be about 3/4 to an inch deep.

Now for the fun part. Add in your plants! 

Plants are not included in the terrarium kit. Our garden center has a huge variety of plants to choose from though!

Before you add your plants you should decide if you want a front and a back side to your terrarium. You will want to place taller plants in the back and shorter plants in the front if you do. Otherwise place taller plants in the center with smaller plants surrounding.

Dig holes for the plants then pack the soil firmly around them once in place. Be sure the soil your plant is already growing in does not sit too high or too low in the terrarium! Once all the plants are in place, add more sheet moss to fill in empty spaces. Give your terrarium a couple of good sprays of water from a water bottle.

I also placed a few small rocks and little decorative mushrooms in my terrarium.

Instant, indoor garden!


Miss Emma Bean says it smells so good, like dirt and summer. I think that was the best compliment she could have given!

Since my terrarium doesn't have a lid I'll need to water it occasionally. If it was covered, it would need very little attention other than admiring it for its loveliness! Which is exactly what I am doing today.

I'm admiring my lovely terrarium garden, while wearing the new Sanuks the Husband gave to me for Valentine's Day, and hoping winter ends soon!

Maybe it would help if I click the heels of my Sanuks together while saying, "There's no place like Spring!" 



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