Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Big Day

A few weeks ago Miss Sofia finally got her braces off!

She'd been counting down the days!

She'd been buying packs of gum anticipation!

She'd stopped wearing the binders because she thought it didn't matter anymore! Grrrrr! The Husband and I kinda had to hound her about that one.

Her appointment was early in the morning so I took her out for a Starbucks first to celebrate.

I gave her a little grief for messaging one of her friends while she was supposed to be celebrating with me. The stinker!

But she was excited and her friends were excited for her so I guess it was ok. And really, how could I be mad at that sweet face??

Did you notice she's sporting a new short haircut? I think it looks great on her and she is delighted with it!

Last photo with braces!!! Woohoo!

Check out her fabulous new smile!


I have to admit, I'm not sure if that big smile was just on account of getting the braces off or if the big box of candy the orthodontist gave her to celebrate had something to do with it as well. Hmmmmm

Either way she is thrilled to have her braces off, (the husband and I are thrilled to have the braces paid off! Yippee) and was so glad they came off just in time for her to celebrate her 15th birthday!

That's right folks! Miss Sofia turns 15 today!

I can hardly believe it!

She has suddenly become so grown up. -sigh-

Next thing the Husband and I know she'll be driving. Then she'll start dating. Then she'll want to go off to college! Then she'll want to get married and have her own babies!! Maybe even become President!!! 

YIKES! My baby is growing up so fast!!

And it's AMAZING!

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Miss Sofi Bug!

We love you!


P.S. Guess who's next in line to get braces!

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