Friday, February 15, 2013

A Day Late

I had intended to post a Valentine's Day blog yesterday. Yesterday being Valentine's Day and all!

I was feeling pretty excited about it.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned in the past that I don't do a whole lot for Valentine's Day because Miss Sofia's birthday is the day before and the Husband and I want the focus to be more about her birthday than Valentine's Day. This year however I decided I could make both days special. I was going to try anyway.

So we made Valentine's day garland! We made Valentine's day banners! I made pillows in the shape of hearts for the girls! And we filled jars with Dove chocolate hearts!

Hello Dove chocolate hearts. I think I love you!

And if little chocolate hearts are good...a big one is even BETTER!!

Now that's what I'm talkin bout!

Anyway what I'm trying to say is that for the first time in years I tried to make Valentine's Day a big deal. I think I did a pretty good job too. Then I woke up yesterday- how does the expression go? - SICK AS A DOG!!

A little disappointing let me tell you. -sigh-

On the bright side, I had some very pretty Valentine's Day decorations to enjoy while I was curled up in a ball whimpering from a nasty stomach virus. Bah!

Hope your Valentine's Day was full of love, and healthier than mine!

I'm definitely going to try again next year!


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