Monday, July 6, 2015

Red, White, and Blue and a Garden Too

For the last few years we have had the good pleasure of being included in a friend's Independence Day celebration. With good food, laughter, and games, it's always a great time.  

Can you get over this little cutie-pie in her red, white and blue?? LOVE IT!!

The weather this year was so wonderful! 

In between all of the fun and games, I was completely drawn to the garden.

The roses were stunning!

Oh the purples,

and pinks,

and reds! 

Is there anything more exciting than a bud on the verge of bursting forth??

Wandering through a garden makes my heart rejoice! 

So lovely!

And of course no 4th of July celebration is complete without...

Okay, the kids would say glow in the dark, neon bracelets.

But we all know it's really the fireworks that make it a celebration!



More OOHS!

Lots more AAHS!

And we love a big finish!

You gotta love a good 4th of July celebration! 

Helps take your mind off of the fact that stores have already begun to stock back to school supplies. WHAT??


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