Monday, June 8, 2015

Time Flies

I needed to post this a few weeks ago - time flies when you're trying to start up a new business! Have y'all checked out the new Unexpected Daisies online store??

Time flies when you're raising kids too. Can I get an amen?

This little Emma Bean...turned 14!!! 

Last month. 

Eh hem. 

Like I said I needed to post this a few weeks ago. 

My bad.


My babies are getting all grown up! Where is that darn pause button??

Since my baby turned 14 years old - and therefore says she is too old for me to call her Emma Bean anymore -sniff sniff- it was time to hold up our end of the bargain. 

We, the Husband and I, told our girls that if they would wait until the age of 14 to wear makeup, we would take them for a makeup application lesson. Well, it was time, and my girl was chomping at the bit to have her makeup done!

Early one Saturday morning, she, Miss Emma Bean, and I grabbed some coffee - my girls have decided they like some coffee shop...which I shall not name...more than Starbucks my friends! I just cannot believe it. I love them both dearly, but this, this just leaves me wondering where I went wrong. 
-sigh I'm trying to not be bitter about it.


We grabbed our coffees, from different coffee shops (snort), and headed for a makeup lesson.

Taking our girls for these makeup lessons has been so much fun. They were both so excited. It felt like a passage into womanhood for each of them. I'm so glad the Husband and I chose to encourage them to hold off on the make up so we could make this a special day.

This is my lovely girl without makeup.

A little concealer to start because my girl thought she had dark circles under her eyes. WHAT??

 I suggested an earlier bedtime. She prefers concealer. Go figure. 

A little mineral powder foundation. I just need to say that I love that she still has all of those baby hairs at her hairline. So cute!

A little blush on those cheekbones.

Now for the eyes. 

This girl has got some of the most beautiful baby browns!

And to complete the look...sparkly lipgloss!

This is when I said, "You're gorgeous! Now look at me and smile."

"Okay, not a selfie, fierce pose. Just a nice smile."

"Stop it! Just smile nice!"

"No more selfies for a week if you don't just smile nice!"

"And whoop! There it is!" Bout time! 

Oh how I love this precious girl!!

My baby is getting all grown up!!

Time flies indeed.

I'd still like to find that pause button!!


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