Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Mother Load of Freezing Cold

"The mother load of freezing cold" that, my friends, is a quote from our local news describing our weather yesterday and today. Because at -23˚F with a windchill dropping temps to -44˚F well, DING DANG it's cold!

And the mother load of freezing cold meant two days off from school. 

Oh yes, there was a collective WOOHOO!!

So yesterday we hunkered down to stay warm with gusto!

Hot homemade caramel rolls for breakfast.

Cuddling up in cozy blankets and warm clothes by the fire.

And for sure bundling up to go outside to check on the chickens.

Who, by the way, seem to be handling the cold weather much better than I am. Still got two eggs! Whoop whoop!!

We had steaming cups of chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles!

And in between Harry Potter movies, we played games.

I may have been more excited about the game playing breaks than the kids were. I told them that they had to play because their eyes needed a break from the television...it being bad for their eyesight and all if they watched for too long. Eh hem, just back me up on that one if they ask if it's true. Okay? Thanks!

And aside from the nearly nonstop Harry Potter-a-thon, I think the kids' favorite part of the day was pizza and snacks!

My favorite part of the day, having nowhere to go and a full, warm house!


P.S. Today we cleaned house! Just keepin' it real.

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