Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Couple of Bad Apples

Maybe it's the anticipation of seeing the beautiful Fall colors.

Maybe it's the thought of sweet, juicy apples.

In truth it's probably the promise of apple doughnuts! -yum-

Whatever the distraction, somehow I never realize how completely uncoordinated the family's attire is until we are halfway to the apple orchard!

Maybe it's just that we are not that family. 

You know the ones I mean? 

The ones that dress in beautifully coordinated outfits. They get the completely put together, happy faced, family photos on their orchard outings? I always have high hopes that this will be the year we are that family, and we get that photo. It hasn't happened yet. -ho hum-

No indeed! We get these photos...

"Look Mom. We're a couple of bad apples!"

Stop it!!

And then I get...

Awww, there they are. The family that I love. What a joy.

Wait what??

Ya goof balls!!

And good golly how did this happen??? -YIKES-

I may have to learn to just be content with the lovely scenery and the sweet apples, and maybe have another apple doughnut!! -sigh-


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