Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Chicken Addiction

It's no secret that the Family has acquired a slight chicken addiction.

From the moment we brought these little chicks home, we were in love!

So cute and fluffy! -squeal-

You just wanted to scoop them up and rub them all over your cheek and tell them how much you wuv der widdle fwuffy sweetness. -sigh-

Eh hem

While they aren't so widdle little anymore...

they are full of personality and charm.

And they have begun to bestow upon us the most beautiful and delicious eggs!  -woohoo-

The Husband recently asked me if raising chickens was all I had hoped, and wondered if I was still excited about them.

The answer was YES!

The whole family is very much in love with the chickens!

Everyone pitches in with coop cleaning, egg collecting, and I don't think a day has gone by without the kids going out to play in the garden with the chickens. We're even planning to add a couple more to the flock next Spring. Yep, we're a bit obsessed. Although as far as obsessions go I think this one is fairly healthy. Even the Husband, who had his misgivings when I first brought up the idea of raising chickens, has been totally supportive. He's really gotten on board! 

He has, in fact, kicked things up a notch!

Inspired by our little backyard flock, and aware that we are not alone in our backyard chicken obsession, he has created a new line of t-shirts!

He's very cool that way!

The new t-shirt line is appropriately named My Chicken Addiction.

I love how that man's mind works!

Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Now we who are chicken obsessed no longer have to leave our chicken addiction in the backyard. We can wear it loud and proud! -oh yeah-

Wondering how you too can get your Chicken Addiction t-shirt so you can declare your own love of chickens?

Check out all of the Husband's new t-shirt designs by clicking the link here...My Chicken Addiction. And if you purchase 2 or more t-shirts before September 17, 2013 using promo code FALL2013 you'll receive free shipping! How great is that??

And it's perfectly okay to purchase a My Chicken Addiction t-shirt even if you don't have your own backyard flock. Chicken owners everywhere appreciate the solidarity...and the Husband's got to support mama's chicken addiction somehow! Yeah baby!

And while you're at it, would you be so kind as to check out My Chicken Addiction's Facebook page and like it? Please and thank you!

Up with backyard chickens...and fresh eggs...and supporting mama's chicken obsession! -whoop whoop-


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