Friday, August 2, 2013


The chickens have their own little doorway for entering and exiting the coop house.

We can very conveniently open and close the little door from the outside of the coop with a pulley system.

This handle connects to this cord.

This cord leads into the coop house.

It trails along the coop ceiling dropping down to connect to the little door for the chickens.

You pull, door opens!

Very convenient!

At this time we don't close the door very often. The chickens enter the coop house at bedtime and leave the coop house in the morning. The door remains open. 

The entire coop is secure so we don't bother to close the coop house door at night. If the chickens had free range of the yard during the day instead of an enclosed run we would definitely close the coop house door at night to protect our girls from predators! We will likely close the coop house door winter nights for added warmth. But until then, the door remains always open. 


It's possible that one of the younger members of the Family closed the coop house door yesterday while cleaning the coop house and didn't open it again.

It's also possible that the chickens huddled together last night, falling asleep on the ramp leading into the coop house, because the door was closed!

It's also possible that the Husband and I, once we realized the situation, woke the chickens at 10:21 last night, causing one of us (me!) to receive a nasty peck on the hand from a barely awake and therefore somewhat agitated chicken, so they could be ushered into the comfort of the coop house for the night.

It's highly likely that the person responsible for barring the chickens from the comfort of the coop house last night found this on her bedroom door this morning.

The guilty party, who shall remain nameless, as she is embarrassed, humbly cleaned the coop today and remembered to leave the coop door open!

And they lived happily ever after!

The End


Head of Coop Oversight Operations and Procedures / C.O.O.P. 

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