Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Miss Sofia and Miss Emma Bean received these journals for Christmas. Too fun right?

At the time that's exactly what the Husband and I thought, fun. It didn't occur to me then that these Wreck this Journal books might impart a very necessary lesson for our girl who is, bless her heart, an extreme rule follower.

You see Miss Sofia wants very much to do what is right and good. She doesn't want to upset anyone, hurt anyone's feelings, or go against the grain. She wants desperately to follow the rules. And that's not a bad thing, well, except when it is. Confusing, I know.

Miss Sofia was very excited to use her new journal, however, she asked me more than once if it was really alright to wreck this book, because we all know the rules say it's not ok to wreck books.

Miss Sofia's first thought about this journal is pretty clear.

That's right, CRAZY! But she has taken to wrecking this book with gusto!


Adding stickers. Clearly we've been eating lots of bananas and cuties!

Drawing circles all over the page.

Miss Sofia has said this book makes her feel like a rebel! She is thoroughly enjoying breaking the rules!

And I have to say, I'm glad! While the Husband and I want our girls to be obedient and follow the rules, we also know that sometimes the rules have to be broken, and we want them to know when and how to make that judgement call. We also want them to know that the world won't end if the rules are broken.

Would we have heroes who run into burning buildings to rescue others if the rule - stay away from fire - was strictly followed?

We all agree that - Thou shalt not kill - is one of the most important rules to follow. But what about our military or police officers who put their lives in danger and will, if there is no other option, take a life to protect the innocent? 

What if I stopped sharing my faith because I knew there would be the occasional reader who would not agree and be offended?

Yes, sometimes the rules need to be broken. But who would have thought that something as silly as wrecking a journal would teach such an important lesson, and make it fun!?

I think that writing on the edge of this book,

and taking it in the shower, I suspect the dog eared page means this will be accomplished next, might be exactly the thing our girl needed.

She seems to be feeling much better about "breaking" the rules!

Look at that, she did it!

Way to go rebel!


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