Monday, January 14, 2013

He Said/She Said : The Onion Ring Incident

It all happened about 15 years ago.

Actually it was early July 1997 and she was about 3 months pregnant with their first child. Yep, about then.

They had been snuggled up together on the couch one evening watching television when, in golden brown, crispy battered glory, the most delicious looking onion rings appeared on the screen.

Her mouth watered! Those onion rings looked so good!

She said simply, "Oh, onion rings sound good."

She made no actual request. She simply made a statement of fact.

He replied, "You're not pregnant enough for me to go get onion rings."

Yes, you read correctly, he said she was not pregnant enough for him to go and get her onion rings. She was however pregnant enough to be vomiting every morning - the poor thing barfed regularly for 7 months of that pregnancy as well as during labor! Not to mention pregnant enough to be exhausted and very emotional. 

Lets just say, it was a fatal response! 

She did not let it go easily.

She may have demanded he read, out loud, the paragraph from her pregnancy book that explained how women experience the most cravings in the first three months of pregnancy! BAM!! That's right! First three months!!

Eh hem. I digress.

Don't fret. Our couple was able to patch things up.

They had a beautiful baby girl.

All was forgiven. 

He vowed to never make that mistake again.

She vowed she would not hold it against him forever. In fact, she doesn't even really think about the incident at all, until he brings it up that is. 

You see he might start the conversation with, "Have you thought about what you're going to plant in the garden this year?" which, of course, causes her to start thinking about the list of seeds she'll need to get, which makes her think about the need for new garden gloves, which makes her think about wearing summer flip flops, which leads to thinking about summer picnics, which leads to thinking about how long winters are in Minnesota, which, of course, leads wouldn't go get onion rings! He totally brings it up.

Or does she have issues letting it go. No, I don't think it's that.

He only brings it up once or twice a year and then he very graciously tolerates her covering, yet again, her 7 months of barfing as well as her high pregnancy emotions. They then both say they're sorry for even discussing it again and life goes back to normal. Well, until the most recent rehashing of the incident.

The last time he brought up the incident with some unrelated question...see how he does that? He always starts out the conversation like he intends to discuss something else. Weird! 

Anyway, the last time the incident was discussed, and amends remade, He left shortly thereafter to run some errands.

Upon his return he handed her a take out bag filled with...

the most delicious, crispy, beer battered, golden onion rings!!!

Oh they were so good!

Now, anytime the incident is brought up, all she can think about is how he showed up, unexpectedly, with onion rings for her. -sigh-

He is wonderful!

She has nothing more to say about the incident.


P.S. This blog post is Husband approved!

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