Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Note of Thanks

I'm doing a happy dance!!

My domain name,, has been restored! Hurray!!

It could not have happened without the help of Mauro from Google's customer service.

Mauro walked me through accessing a Google admin account that I didn't know I had, and once I learned I had the account, I couldn't access on my own. Eh hem. Not super tech savvy on my part. Yep, I'm very thankful that the Husband provides my tech support!! Love him!!

He made note of the emails back and forth between me and Google as the husband and I struggled to sort out renewing the domain name, prior to the domain's expiration date and after Google made changes to handling domain names. Again couldn't access the necessary account. Bah!

Mauro noted that we were making an effort to renew the domain, but repeatedly received instructions from Google support that didn't work to allow access to previously unknown about account. Double bah!

He then gave my case priority status to get things resolved and restore the domain name. He also kindly mentioned that I wasn't the only one who was struggling with this issue. Yep, my domain name wasn't the only one that was locked up. My lack of techability, (that's right, I'm making up my own word here) my lack of techabilty wasn't completely to blame. Whew!!

I would say that it was my lucky day when Mauro was put on this case!!

Thank you, thank you Mauro!! You're the best!!

And I shall now blog happily ever after!


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