Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An Eclectic Collection of Photos

As I scrolled through my iPhone photos the other day, I discovered I have a very eclectic collection. Hmmm weird!

Lets see...

There are the goofy photos.

Who doesn't need a curly fry mustache?

Doesn't everyone make this face when they drink their Starbucks??
Buried in the sand? Oh yeah!!
In a bucket? Of course!
You know there are photos of our chickens and their eggs. 

I can tell you for certain, the chicken photos came first.

Then the eggs!

There are the disgruntled it's-still-a-Polar-Vortex-Winter photos.

So ding dang cold!!
Oh yay, more snow. -snort-
At least there's lots of "car poop" to kick off the wheel wells. My favorite winter sport!!
I'm melting...melting... It's about time!
And there are more goofy photos!

There are just no words, only laughter!! 

And oh are there photos of food!!! Yu-um!!

BEST salad EVER!!! Highly addictive.

Oh yeah, maple bacon cornbread. Are you drooling yet?




I even have a photo of one of my favorite places to shop. Is that odd?

When I say this I giggle. Okay, this is odd.

Everyone needs a minion of their own.

I have no idea why I took this photo. But it's Dunkin' Donuts! Who wouldn't take this photo?? Right?

And of course there are selfies. Or would they be called groupies since it's not just me in the photo? Hmmm

There you have it. No perfect photos here. Just a little glimpse into some of my everyday. Weirdness and all.

Carry on! 


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